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“It’s not just hair, it’s who you are”

This is not just a motto.. It is a belief I’ve engraved onto my core. It’s what drives me to bring out the marvelous results a person asks from me. It motivates me to create something that will bring a smile to a person’s face. Long hair, short hair, thick and thin, all colours.. I will take any challenge and turn it into style.

In my youth, Greece was a conservative society and so, I grew up in a conservative family. Hairdressing was but a whisper in my ear. They had expected me to follow the steps of my father and grandfather learning any labour craft, like plumbing, bricklaying, electrical engineering, etc. I worked long and hard in jobs that never felt rewarding. But, one day, the whisper became a roar and I heeded the call. I knew is was my passion and I was more than ready to fight and make my dream come true. It was the best decision I made in my life.

I obtained my Hairdressing and Barbering Diploma in 2005 from VANG, a distinguished school in the Mediterranean. I reached the level of Head Hairstylist in 2011. Since 2015, I’ve been working in lux/fine hair salons in London parallel to my freelance projects in fashion events and collaborations with fashion brands. Over 12 years later, multiple participations in fashion weeks and shows in Greece, and countless photoshoots, I realise that this industry is ever-changing. This is why I never stop educating myself to further develop my skills. I attend at least 2 seminars every year to learn all the latest techniques, styles and advancements in hairstyling products.  And the dream keeps going..

Defining my mindset

I consider myself a very lucky person: I turned my passion into my profession and I wake up every single day knowing that…

there is nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing.

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Hairstyling is both an Art and a Science

El Markellos - Art Director - Hair Artist